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Do I Need an Oil Change?

Do I Need an Oil Change? This is a question most people ask us. Oil is an important part of your vehicle. It helps all parts of your engine run smoothly. Oil also keeps your engine clean, which helps your engine to run more efficiently and makes sure your engine lives longer.

The high temperature and the movement of the parts will break the oil down So to keep your engine running properly and live a longer life, it is important to get an oil change when it is needed.

When is an oil change needed?

Ford publishes recommended service intervals as a guide for you to know when to service your vehicle. Other ways you can identify the right time would be when you hear a clacking sound when starting the vehicle, see the “Change Engine Oil Soon” light burning or a low oil level on the oil dipstick? It is time for an oil change.

At Highbury Ford, we advise getting an oil change done every 8.000 kilometres or every six months, whichever comes first.

Get The Works Package. It is more than just an oil change.

The Works is a complete vehicle checkup that includes an oil change, tire rotation and pressure check, brake inspection, multi-point inspection, fluid top-off, battery test, filter check, plus belts and hoses check.

What happens to your used oil?

The used oil from your vehicle is something really dirty. But although the oil is really dirty, used oil can be cleaned of contaminants so it can be recycled again and again. There are actually many uses for recycled used oil. So at Highbury Ford, we make sure all dirty oil will be picked up and send to an oil-recycling center. So no used oil goes to waste or hurts the environment.

Need to get an oil change? Book your appointment now online or call us at (519) 455-1800.