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Ford Electrified Vehicles

Electrified vehicles are becoming more and more popular. From hybrid-electrics and plug-in hybrids to all-electrics, Ford has made quite the impression when it comes to electrified-vehicles.

Electrified vehicles, what’s the difference?

Ford offers 3 different types of electrified vehicles. The hybrid, the plug-in hybrid and the all-electric. Find out what the difference is between these 3 to see which one suits your lifestyle the best.


The all-electric vehicle is completely powered by a rechargeable battery. That means the vehicle does not require a drop of gas to hit the road, and it produces zero CO2 emissions.

The battery can be charged by a standard 120V or 240V home charging station and by regenerative braking. This means the battery will be charged when you are braking.

A Ford all-electric is great for shorter everyday trips. For example for every full charge you give the 2016 Ford Focus Electric, it has a Government of Canada-estimated range of 122 kilometres.

Plug-in Hybrid

A plug-in hybrid is similar to the hybrid-electric, but with the option to plug it in and charge the car.

Plug-in hybrids provide a third way to recharge the battery. In addition to regenerative braking and the gas engine, they can recharge the battery by being plugged in.

A Ford plug-in hybrid can run in electric-only mode for shorter trips; but if you’re going for a longer drive, then it’ll work just like a regular hybrid.


A hybrid-electric has both a gas engine and a battery-powered electric motor. The vehicle seamlessly switches between a gas engine, electric motor or a combination of both to deliver fuel efficiency and performance.

The gas engine and regenerative braking automatically recharge the battery pack. Regenerative braking is a technology that recharges the battery by braking.

This vehicle is perfect for longer trips. With gas in the tank, you will be good to go. And with the added power from the battery, you can use less gas.

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