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Commercial Financing

Fleet Financing That Gets Down to Business

Ford Pro™ FinSimple™ offers flexible financing solutions for businesses of all sizes.

We make your vehicle leasing and financing experience easy and efficient with our products and services.

Commercial Line of Credit (CLOC)

Apply1 for a Commercial Line of Credit, and once approved, you can add vehicles to your fleet and get coverage year round for all your financing or leasing needs; no need to reapply with us every time you need a vehicle2.


Commercial Installment Financing

As your business changes, Ford Pro FinSimple changes with you with customizable installment financing solutions. Features include traditional financing, flexible terms, available combined billing and no hidden fees.


Our open-ended Terminal Rental Adjustment Clause (TRAC) lease program allows you the flexibility of setting the residual based upon your business requirements, so you can accept leasing terms that suit your business best.

Commercial Red Carpet Lease3

For predictable usage vehicles, choose this close-ended lease with no residual risk. Add new vehicles, and only be held responsible for excess mileage and wear and use charges at the end of your lease.

Charging Infrastructure Financing

Ability to finance up to 100% of qualifying costs, including but not limited to site planning, construction and installation, labor and servicing costs, charging equipment, extended service plans and applicable fees.

Combined Billing

Keep your payments simple by consolidating your monthly statement. It’s complimentary with all our commercial financing and leasing products.4

1. When to apply for a Commercial Line of Credit: If you anticipate needing multiple vehicles financed throughout the year, your business requires an easy financing process to get the vehicles you need or you want the confidence of an approved financing option for your next purchase at a Ford or Lincoln dealership

2. Subject to initial approval, ongoing eligibility and periodic reviews.

3. Commercial RCL is not available for every vehicle use (e.g., livery and modified vehicles).

4. CommerciaLease accounts are automatically enrolled in combined billing, assuming all your due dates are the same.