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If you’re inquiring about your Lease Buyout, please fill out the following information

A response will be provided within 24 hours of receiving confirmation of identity and will be available for pick up at that point with proper ID. At this time Highbury Ford can only process leases that originated at Highbury Ford. As Per the Full Disclosure Lease with Purchase Option (FMCC) Section (17) EARLY OPTION TO PURCHASE: you have the option to buy the vehicle at any time during the term of the lease from the dealer, if you are not in default, by paying the lease end purchase option price, plus the remaining lease payments, plus any other amounts payable under the term of the lease, less unearned lease charges which will be calculated by the actuarial method. You must pay all fees, taxes, cost and expenses incurred in connection with the purchase of the vehicle (such as safety certification and related repair cost). Please do not have any other dealer’s phone as the request will not be processed. To complete lease buyout This lease buy out is intended only for the customer who name the lease is in and will be processed under that name. Accepted payment on full buyout amount is by Wire Transfer only. (No third party cheques will be accepted). Note: License transfer fee, OMVIC fee and taxes will be applied. A lease end inspection (vehicle disclosure) must be completed by Highbury Ford prior to the lease buyout and is at the lessees’ own expense, please make an appointment with our service department at 519-455-1800 or online to schedule this inspection. (Customer pay fee will be applied) A valid safety inspection must accompany this buyout for Highbury Ford to facilitate the change of ownership and this can be done at Highbury Ford or any other mechanical shop that has the authorization to perform a safety inspection. (Customer pay fee will be applied if work is done here). Once the full amount in the form of a wire transfer, lease end inspection and safety certificate has been presented to Highbury Ford we will be able to process the buyout within 48 hours.