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Commercial Vehicle Program

Commercial Vehicle Centre Dealer (CVCD) is a select group of Ford dealers that are dedicated to providing you with the automotive products and services that you require to maximize their utility in the operation of your business. Highbury Ford, a certified Commercial Vehicle Centre dealer, has the resources to meet all of your transportation requirements, including:

  • Your vehicle purchase
  • The equipment and accessories that you require to keep your business moving
  • Maintenance and repair services to keep your vehicle on the road, working for you
  • On site body shop and detail department to keep your vehicle in top cosmetic condition

Speak with one of our Commercial Sales Consultants.


Commercial Vehicle Centre Program

Ford’s Commercial Vehicle Centre Program is perfect for any business operator, entrepreneur or small commercial company with transportation needs. We are part of a high-performing group of roughly 100+ dealers in Canada, specifically selected for our commitment to supporting small to large businesses. Whether you have one company car, or a fleet of vehicles, HighburyFord is dedicated to helping your business grow with the right vehicles working hard for you.


How We Can Help

Your Vehicle Purchase/Lease Experience

Highbury Ford will ensure that you make the most beneficial choice for your business, and we can do it all right from your office. We make the process quick and easy, even if you have never purchased or leased a commercial vehicle. Start by submitting a Business Credit Application.

Accessories & Outfitting

Highbury Ford works to make your vehicle an extension of your work space. From Genuine Ford accessories to customized shelving and racks to full commercial service bodies, we know the right parts, the right suppliers and the right installers for the job. Our technicians are experts in accessories and outfitting and are committed to making sure your vehicle or fleet are perfect for your business. From laptop mounts to customized rear seat storage systems, we want to make your wildest dreams come true.

Dedicated Commercial/Fleet Service Centre

Our Service Centre is focused on providing the best possible services in all areas including repair, maintenance and outfitting. We want to make sure that your vehicles are always running up to speed. With our service concierge program and flexible service hours we will ensure you never miss a service interval. We are a certified Ford Canada Commercial Specialty Vehicle Service dealer with 22 factory-trained technicians and nearly a quarter of a million dollars in parts ready on hand to address any repairs you may have as quickly as possible. We keep your vehicles working longer and harder for you by keeping them in best shape possible.

We understand that your vehicles need to work as hard as you do, which is why we offer service loaners or subsidized rentals 24-7. In the unlikely event of a vehicle breakdown, we’ll make sure you’re on the road and conducting your business.

CVC and Small Business Department

Ford Pro’s one-of-a-kind Commercial Vehicle Center is perfect for any small business operator, entrepreneur, or small commercial company… whose owners value their time.

We are part of a high-performing group of just over 100 dealers nationwide, specifically selected for our commitment to supporting small businesses when it comes to their transportation needs. Whether you have one car, two SUV’s or four small vans, we have the resources and the people that are dedicated to helping your business grow with the right vehicles working hard for you.


Take Care Of Your Business

Your vehicle purchase/lease experience – We will ensure that you make the most beneficial choice for your business… and we can do it all without you ever leaving your office. Whether it is your first commercial vehicle or your ‘umpteenth’… we will:

  • Provide you with a comprehensive assessment of your specific business vehicle needs and give you our written recommendations.
  • Outline the best manner in which to take care of the financing needs; you can even bring your accountant along!
  • Provide a single point of contact specialist that will spec it, order it, prep it, out-fit it, and deliver it. The perfect vehicle for you… without any hassle at all!